Travel Tips

General instructions and guidelines for travelers to the Republic of Albania:

  • Ensure the validity of passports.
  • Comply with local laws in force in the Republic of Albania and adhere to travel terms and regulations of global aviation and do not carry contrabands.
  • Save the official documents i.e. passports, airline tickets and personal valuables in safe places.
  • Do not lend your passport or ID card at any point in any case.
  • When accompanying by servants (housemaids),  the sponsor should inquire about visas and procedures in this regard.
  • It is preferable not to carry valuable goods during your travel and tours.
  • Careful attention should be paid to children in crowded places and markets.
  • In the event of any problem - God forbid – you should immediately contact the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Albania
  • Do not allow the police forces to inspect your place of residence without a warrant from the competent authority.
  • In case of being involved in any investigation you must report the matter to the Embassy immediately.
  • Identify the official capacity of the people who ask you to present  your personal identity.
  • It is highly recommended to have the contact numbers of the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Albania.

Work hours

Government departments and offices, banks and most offices close on Saturday and Sunday of each week. The official working hours in the remaining five days (Monday - Friday) are from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Tourism in Albania

Albania has become a favorite tourist destination for European tourists and other nationalities not only because of the diverse landscape enjoyed by the country, but also thanks to the richness of cultural and historical heritage.

Historical and archaeological sites

There are very important archaeological sites in the following areas: Berat, Gjirokastra, Kruja , Apollonia, Butrint, Pogradec , Korca and Shkodra.

Note that the archaeological sites in Berat ,Gjirokastra and Butrint are on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Charming beaches

  • The Adriatic coast:

Durrës (GolemMali i Robit)/ Shengjin Velipojë

  • The coast of the Ionian Sea:

Saranda Vlora Dhermi/ Vuno- Yale Ksamil / Himara Qeparo/ Borsh

Rural and mountain tourism

Nature in Albania is still in pristine condition, and for that reason tourists prefer to enjoy the rural and mountain tourism:

  • The mountainous areas in the province of Korca
  • The shores of Lake Ohrid
  • The shores of Lake Prespa
  • The Alps (located in the northern part of Albania)

Natural parks

Albania has a lot of parks and natural reserves with an amazing diversity of animals and plants. This gives the visitors a rare opportunity to see the manifestation of natural life.

  • Dajti Mountain which is located near the city of Tirana.
  • Lura National Park.
  • The Fir of Drenova National Park near the city of Korca.
  • Valbona Valley National Park (Bajram Curri).
  • Divjakë National Park / Karavasta Lagoon
  • Llogara National Park.
  • Tomorri Mountain National Park, which is one of the highest mountains of Albania, is located near the city of Berat.


The main cities in Albania have in museums:

Tirana city

  • National History Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Natural Sciences
  • National Gallery of Art

Vlora City

  •  The Museum of Independence 

Kruja City

  • The National Museum " Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeg"
  • National Ethnographic Museum

Durrës City

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Human Science Museum "anthropological"
  • Roman theater in central city of Durrës

Berat City

  • Onufri National Museum
  • Berat National Ethnographic Museum

Korca City

  • National Museum of the Arts of Medieval Art
  • National Education Museum

Gjirokastra City

  • The Military Museum in the Gjirokastra Castle
  • The national Museum Of Anthropology

Shkodra City

  • The Historical Museum of Shkodra
  • Rozafa Castle Museum
  • "Marubi" National Photography Museum

Peshkopi City

  • The Historical Museum of Dibra

Lezha city

  • National Museum of Skanderbeg



Hotels are spread in all the cities, on the beaches and on the main roads in Albania. Many of these hotels are registered and certified by the Ministry of Tourism. They are of various qualities from the best quality, to medium etc. and with reasonable prices.

The most famous hotels:

Tirana city

  • Plaza Hotel
  • Tirana Sheraton Hotel
  • Tirana International Hotel
  • Rogner Hotel
  • Xheko Imperial Hotel

Durrës City

  • Aragosta Hotel
  • Adriatik Hotel
  • Premium Beach Hotel
  • Dolce Vita Hotel

Vlora City

  • Vlora International
  • New York Hotel

Saranda city

  • Butrinti Hotel
  • Santa Quaranta