Official Holidays

Holidays and public holidays in the Republic of Albania 2017 :

Date                                     Occasion                                        Notes

January 1 & 2                  New Year's Day                     

March 14                           Summer Day                     

March 22                           Nevruz Day

April 16 & 17                   Easter holiday                                 Catholic & Orthodox

May 1                                  Workers' Holiday                   

June                                     Eid al-Fitr                                         Sighting of the moon

September                       Eid al-Adha                                      Sighting of the moon

October  19                      Mother Teresa Day     

November 28                   National Day "Independence"             

November 29                   National Liberation Day                    

December 8                      National Youth Day

December 25                    Christmas                                            


Notice :

The Embassy does not work during the holidays and public holidays in the State of Qatar and the Republic of Albania