Culture and Heritage

Despite the small size of the Republic of Albania and the scarcity of its population, it is rich in, historical, cultural and civilizational heritage. The ruins of the Romanian and Greek temples are still a witness to the impact of neighboring countries  on the Albanian civilization. There are also antique churches and monasteries which abounds in manuscripts and Christian icons, also abound in Albania  are historic castles and Islamic monuments that date back to the era of Ottoman Empire, which lasted for about five centuries ago. Albanians are proud of their culture and their cultural heritage, and are making a great effort to preserve the cultural heritage and folklore of each area which is distinct from other regions in terms of musical instruments and tones, dances, and clothing.

There are in Albania an opera house which offers musical and artistic shows for patrons, and there are a lot of technical theaters and cinemas in big cities, but for the film industry it flourished during the communist era, but deteriorated in the recent period due to the lack of interest of successive governments in this sector.